Q: Who can apply?

A: As early as 4 years of age, a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) may apply for their Kindergarten year of enrollment during the application window. K – 8th grade students may apply for the current and/or following school years as necessary, and as applications are available.


Q:  When can we apply?


A: Applications for the next school year will open in November. Applications will continue to be accepted until all seats have been filled. Once enrollment has been met, all other applications will be placed on a Wait List.

Q:  If we made an error on the application how do we correct it?

Please email our Office Staff as soon as possible to correct items on your application. 

Q: How long is our application active?

A: Your application will expire at the end of the school year requested. If we are unable to reach you to make an offer of enrollment, due to bad contact information or returned email, your application will be removed from our list. If you do not respond to an offer of enrollment based upon instructions received in an initial offer or email, your application will be retuend to the Wait List.

Q:  Can we apply each year?


A: If you are not offered enrollment the first year you requested it, you are welcome to apply for the next school year during that application window. Current GCCAS enrolled students do not need to reapply each year and are continuous students with GCCAS, until time of graduation from 8th Grade, or withdrawal.

Q:What should we do if we do not receive an email confirmation that our student’s application was submitted successfully online?

Contact the office to check status of your application.

Q: What is your enrollment capacity?

A: Our enrollment capacity is 690 students in K-8th Grade.

An additional 50 students are enrolled in our VPK program.



Q:  What is a lottery?


A: If the number of applications received exceeds the openings in a given grade level, applications will be enrolled through a random selection process based upon Florida Statute 1002.33, subsection (10), article (b). as noted:

**In accordance with State Statute 1002.33, subsection (10), article (b), governing charter school enrollment policies;
(b The charter school shall enroll an eligible student who submits a timely application, unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or building. In such case, all applicants shall have an equal chance of being admitted through a random selection process.
(d) A charter school may give enrollment preference to the following student populations:
1. Students who are siblings of a student enrolled in the charter school.
2. Students who are the children of a member of the governing board of the charter school.
3. Students who are the children of an employee of the charter school.


Q: Should we apply multiple times, to increase our odds of an enrollment offer in the lottery?

A: NO, Only one application will be entered into the lottery per student. Any duplicates will be removed from our list and not considered.

Q: Our family has a student in high school that used to attend GCCAS, does our elementary school student automatically get enrolled as sibling?

A: We cannot offer a legacy policy for sibling enrollment. If there is no other family student currently attending GCCAS at time of the lottery, then the application would be entered into the lottery process.


Q:  My current GCCAS student has a sibling (brother/sister), are they automatically enrolled into GCCAS?

​A: If they apply by the January deadline, only siblings (brother / sisters) of currently attending students would be exempt from the lottery process, and would be enrolled automatically. Sibling applications received after the January 1st deadline, may be enrolled automatically, provided there are openings in their requested grade level.

Q: When is the lottery conducted?

A: Lottery drawings begin the first Wednesday in January and continue monthly until our enrollment projection has been reached.


Q:  How are the waiting lists created?


A: After all vacancies have been filled in enrollment, the remaining applications received  The order in which they are drawn creates the numerical order of the waiting list.

Q:My student’s application was submitted on or before the December 1st deadline, how do I find out if my child was accepted or placed on a waiting list?

Results of the lottery are sent via email to all families on or before the second week of January. Instructions are included in the letter received. 

Q:My student is on the waiting list or we applied too late, what should we do now?


A: Your application with GCCAS is information only and does not conflict with other application processes or programs, such as McKay, school choice applications, magnet programs, other charter schools, or private school registrations. We encourage all families to visit their district’s websites to review all programs and schools available to them, including other charter schools. Collier County –



Q:Are there qualifications for a student to be accepted?

A: All applications have equal opportunity to apply and participate in the lottery. All offers of enrollment are subject to grade level documentation requirements.


Q: If my student is gifted, receives ESE services or has a 504 plan, does this move them up the waiting list to get enrolled?

A: All applications have equal opportunity to participate in the lottery. GCCAS is able to accomodate students within an inclusion setting

​Q:  What is a records review before finalizing enrollment offers?

​A:Gulf Coast Charter Academy South offers enrollment to all students that they can serve appropriately. Review of discipline, attendance, and exceptional student education records may negate enrollment at our school based upon an inability to serve the student’s needs. Students whose records are in violation of our Charter will not be admitted. Students that are expelled from a public school, are on a settlement agreement, or on a deferred expulsion will not be admitted to GCCAS during the duration of their expulsion.

Q: Does GCCAS offer enrollment preference based upon a student’s address or County location?

A: GCCAS may enroll students from any county or zone. No preference is given to a specific residential location.

Q:  Is there transportation provided?


A: GCCAS may offer pocket pick up throughout sections of the county based upon your residence address on file. Transportation for Collier families is not guaranteed, and may need to be provided by the families.

Q:Does GCCAS continue to enroll after the start of the school year if there are openings?

A: Yes, 
As vacancies occur throughout the year, we will still continue to contact families on our waiting list, following numerical order of the waiting list, until the vacancy is filled.

Q:  How does GCCAS contact families to offer enrollment?

A: After the initial enrollment offers are mailed on or before the second week of January, any individual vacancies that occur afterward are filled through email offers made to the email address referenced on the application.






Q:How do we update our contact information, so that we do not miss an offer of enrollment?

A: Please keep all contact information – address, home phone and email addresses, up to date, by contacting our office with your new information.

Q: I missed the deadline to respond to an offer of enrollment, has my child lost their seat?

A: If you do not respond within the required window noted on your enrollment offer, your seat will be filled with another student from our waiting list, you may call to have your student reactivated on the Wait List.


Q:  I declined an offer of enrollment, but now have changed my mind, can I still get my student enrolled?

​A:If you have declined an offer of enrollment, your application has been removed from our records. You will need to reapply.

Q:How do we check the status of the waiting list and my student’s application?

A: Contact our office to check enrollment status and current status of vacancies.


Q:  Do you follow the same calendar as Collier County Schools?


A: For the most part, yes, however, ½ days may be the exception to the rule.

Q:Do you participate in statewide testing assessments?

 Yes, we follow the same calendar schedule for testing, such as the FCAT 2.0.

Q:  Where can I find school accountability information about GCCAS?

A: Results for GCCAS students performance of the FCAT, FSA, and EOC can be found on the school accountability and comparative school information located at http://schoolgrades.fldoe.org/.

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