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Golf Tournament


Register today for the inaugural GCCAS Golf Tournament at Arrowhead Golf Course on Saturday, May 17th!
Click here for the registration form.
There will be great raffles and silent auction items! All proceeds go to GCCAS, and are tax deductible.
Questions? Contact Office Manager Leslie Urban at Lurban@gccas.org


Which grade will win the war and bring in the most money for 4th and 5th grades’ trip to St. Augustine?


Rules are simple:


1. For every penny donated, your class gets positive points for the value of the penny. (Everypenny adds 1 point.)


2. Every silver coin gets negative points. So a nickel would be worth negative 5points; a dime would be negative 10 points, and a quarter would be negative 25 points. You caneven put in a $1 coin to get negative 100 points.


Can you see how this can be used to your advantage?


To spell it out, if you put coins other than pennies in the other grade bottles, you willcause their point value to go down.


Cha-ching for your grade… but watch out, they may be doing the same to you. 


3. Get the other classes between 8:00-8:15 a.m. and after school.


Let the Games Begin!


The winning class will get an ice cream party sponsored by 5th grade!






GCCAS on the 98.9FM WGUF Dave Elliot Radio Show!

Dave interviews Chuck Malateta, CEO of FORZA Education Management, Inc. - Gulf Coast Charter Academy South's Management Company.

Click play on the YouTube video to the left to listen to the interview now!




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